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How To Contact Gradelink Customer Support:

How can I reach Gradelink to submit a question that our site administrator can’t answer?
Gradelink offers a multi-tiered support system that allows you to connect with Gradelink’s support team’s using five different ways:

  1. Call directly into Gradelink’s toll-free line at 1(800) 742-3083

  2. Initiate a Live Chat session with a member of the customer support team. (From Gradelink Website)

  3. Send an email to the Gradelink Customer Support to receive an email or call back. (

  4. Submit an after-hours question via the Feedback form for a response usually within 1 business day.

  5. Access Gradelink’s Online Help system, including more than 400 articles and demonstration videos that walk you through various tasks in Gradelink. Visit:

Login and Grade Sheet FAQ

  1. Do non-graded assignments affect the student’s final grade? How does this relate to situations where a student starts school in the middle of the grading period?

  2. How can you view assignment grades as points, letters or percentage grades?

  3. Whom should you contact if you want to adjust the grade scale (example, ABCDF, OGSNI, 4,3,2,1) set for your subject?


Assignment Types FAQ

  1. How do you add an assignment type?

  2. What’s the difference between assignment type weight and assignment weight?

  3. How do you add extra credit?

  4. Why does adding multiple extra credit assignments in the same assignment type reduce the weight of each individual assignment?

  5. Why are some assignments listed in green text?

  6. Suppose you wanted an assignment type named “Tests” to be worth 25% of the class grade and wanted to have two tests in that assignment type; one worth 10 points and one worth 50 points and you wanted to the one worth 50 points to be worth five times more than the one worth 10 points. What would you click to set this up? 

  7. If you do check, “Weight assignments based on their points” why can’t you also drop the lowest grade within the same assignment type?

  8. If you want to delete an assignment type that is being used by existing assignments, what do you need to do and why?

  9. What would you click if you wanted to weight assignments using points exclusively, so that specifying weights on Assignment Types was not needed?

  10. If you change your grade sheet weighting this year, does it affect graded assignments from the previous year?



  1. How do you add an assignment?

  2. How do you copy an assignment from one grade sheet to another?

  3. Suppose all students aced an assignment. How can you quickly give all students the same grade for an assignment?

  4. How do you mark an as incomplete or excused?

  5. How do you add narrative comments to a student’s graded assignment?

  6. How can you save canned comments for assignments?

  7. How do you delete an assignment?

  8. What would you need to click in order to edit an assignment’s due date?

  9. What would you need to click if you wanted to curve an assignment by 10%?

  10. What would you need to click if you wanted to curve the final score of all students by 5%?

  11. What would you click if you wanted to add the same group of students to all the classes you teach?

  12. Does removing a student from the grade sheet also drop their grades (if any) for that subject?

  13. How can you select just students in the 5th grade in order to place them all in the same subject quickly?

  14. What would you click if you wanted to add the same group of students to all the classes you teach?



  1. If you use Daily Attendance (attendance is taken once per day) what class name will appear at the top of your screen when you click the Attendance Tab?

  2. What does a blue icon that appears to the left of a student name on the grade sheet indicate?


  1. What does the Conclude button do?

  2. How do you edit a student’s grade after it’s been concluded?

How to Contact Gradelink Custome Support
Login and Grade Sheet FAQ
Assignment Types FAQ
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