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Our Mission

The Charter High School for Law and Social Justice provides students with comprehensive high school education and lay academic and social groundwork for success in college and careers. Using a theme of law and social justice, the School engages, inspires, and empowers students, and equips them with the academic skills to earn a Regents diploma and gain admission to the college of their choice prepared for success. The School creates a pathway for its students to law school and careers as attorneys. The pathway includes mentoring opportunities with law students and attorneys and partnerships with institutions of higher learning. These institutions will offer college and law school experiences to our students and share with them the academic benchmarks and habits necessary to gain entrance to college and law school.

Our Vision

Through college-aligned academics, career education, and cultural enrichment of our students in the Bronx will develop a mindset that achievement is the result of effective effort and reflection. With this conviction, our students will be committed to the law and social justice.  This viewpoint will empower them to improve the lives of their fellow New Yorkers and contribute to the common good. Our core values are infused into the everyday life of our school. Our school holds these values in the highest regard.



Excellence drives everything we do. We maintain a laser focus on high academic performance through continuous improvement and innovation with the goal of making a positive change in our world.


Student and Empowerment Centered

We cultivate and support a learning environment that inspires and empowers each student to own their goals, decisions, achievements, and lives.


Acceptance and Inclusion

We embrace our differences and strive to be non-judgmental and inclusive by establishing compassionate and respectful relationships that build self-worth and self-esteem.


Community and Social Responsibility

We are a school community that is interdependent and supportive of each other. We carry this value to create a greater community that will result in a better world.



We take pride in our accomplishments. We recognize the small and big achievements of staff, students, families.

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Our Core Values


We aim for excellence in everything we do. We strive to achieve at high levels in everything we do. We accept that failure is feedback.



Belief in a commitment to the law and Social Justice. We live by the example we set for others. Our actions and our words are aligned.



We have the courage to succeed. Act with Courage. We do what is right. We speak and live in our truth. We are responsible for ourselves and others. We take pride in all our endeavors.



To self-improvement and Social Justice. We do whatever it takes to take positive action to make our dreams and the dreams of others happen. We follow our vision without wavering.

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