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Our Academics

Promotion and Graduation Standards

The School's Educational program requires students to take classes in ELA, History, Math, and Science for all four years of high school.  Graduates of the School will meet all requirements for a New York State Regents Diploma.  Qualified students may earn an Advanced Regents or an Advanced Regents with Honors Diploma.


The School will consider course grades, score on State examinations when applicable, and attendance records to determine promotion.  Students must pass all courses with a grade of 65% in order to be promoted to the corresponding course at the next grade level.  For any course that culminates in a Regents exam, a student must achieve a minimum score of 65% on the exam.

Graduation Standards

Each student must receive a minimum score of 65% on each of the five required Regents exams: Comprehensive English; Global Studies; United States History and Government; math; and science. Students will follow the State credit requirements and will graduate with 44 credits, including in English language arts; 8 each in math and science; between 8 and 12 in social studies; between 2 and 8 in a foreign language;4 in physical education; 1 in health; and 2 in the arts. Additionally, in order to graduate, students must pass each core course with a grade of 65%, complete an Individualized Learning Plan that includes a college/career plan, complete the law and social justice curriculum, and complete a social justice community project and a law office internship.

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