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Our Partners

Shared Space PD was founded in 2014 by Izzy and Nicole Galante, a brother-sister team with nearly 50 years of combined experience in education at all levels--from PreK to Postsecondary teacher education.

​Our vision is to bring shared learning experiences to as many classrooms as we can so that more students can have access to rigorous, engaging education.

​We are teachers for teachers.

To provide an extraordinary and innovative educational experience that embodies the fundamental values of the legal system and creates a bridge from scholarship and service to leadership and practice;

To offer a vibrant, diverse, and forward-thinking center of legal studies where students develop the knowledge, skills, and professional values to serve their clients and have successful careers advancing justice, building the economy, and serving the various needs of modern society; and,

To serve as an incubator of ideas and actions to be emulated throughout New York City, the nation, and the world.

Founded by the Sisters of Charity of New York, the College of Mount Saint Vincent is an academically excellent, authentically inclusive, independent liberal arts college. Committed to the Vincentian/Setonian tradition and to ecumenism, the College combines a strong undergraduate core curriculum with a full array of majors in the liberal arts and, within the tradition of liberal education, selected professional fields of study.

The College also provides high-quality opportunities for professional advancement, accomplishment, and service through graduate and certificate programs.

Bronx Community College
Our College Now Partner

Our scholars take college classes at BCC and receive college credit for those courses saving them money when they enter college after graduation.

BCC is home to more than 40 academic programs that will prepare you to continue your education at a four-year institution or begin your career. A Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), we enroll students from nearly 100 countries. Our campus is also home to the Hall of Fame for Great Americans, the country's first hall of fame. In October 2012, our campus was declared a National Historic Landmark, becoming the country's first community college campus to receive such a designation. 

National Education Equity Lab Partner

CHSLSJ was chosen out of thousands of high schools to partner as a "college in high school" Equity Lab Partner.

The National Education Equity Lab is forging a new relationship between our nation’s colleges and high schools rooted in our belief that while talent is evenly distributed, the opportunity is not.


Equity Lab delivers college credit-bearing courses into teacher-led high school classrooms across the country.

By enabling high school students from historically underserved communities to take actual college courses from college professors, students can build the skills — and confidence — needed to apply to and thrive in college. Participating students earn widely-transferable college credits, at no cost to them — and have access to mentorship and hands-on support.

This year we have an Arizona State University 3 college credit and high school credit, Poetry In America taught by a Harvard professor, and a 3 credit Stanford University Computer Science Course taught in our school during our school day.  

W.E.B Du Bois Scholars Institute
Accelerated Learning Academy

The WEB Du Bois Scholars Institute is a leadership development organization for adolescents and secondary students from families and communities who have experienced historical barriers to achievement and opportunity. To help overcome these challenges, the Institute develops a diverse cadre of leaders and scholars who, through rigorous preparation and nurturance, excel in higher education and professionally. With an array of academic enriched content, career development resources, and cultural awareness, the Institute aims to foster well rounded young minds and wisdom-loving change agents working to create a more just and human world.

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