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For Scholars

Our Scholars are taught to have the utmost respect for themselves and others. They are all encouraged to read the Student Handbook and abide by its rules.

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Child Abuse Hotline

Reports of suspected child abuse or maltreatment should be made immediately to the New York Statewide Central Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment, commonly known as the Child Abuse Hotline, at 1-800-342-3720.

Scholar Daily News

September 13, 2021


Good Morning and Happy First Day! 

Remember to arrive early so that you can get through the front door and to advisory on time. Advisory begins at 8:53 AM - the same room you visited during Orientation.

Bring the hard copy of your schedule you received at Orientation so that you know where to go throughout the day. Remember your phone will be in your Yondr pouch.

In the halls, move quickly and wear your mask tightly over your mouth AND NOSE. It's the safest way for all of us to transition at the same time! 

Your counselors are available before/after school and during lunch if you have a schedule concern or need anything else! 

Ms. Runco, the new School Principal's office is Room 400 (by the elevator on the 4th floor) - say hi when you're passing by!

We can't wait to see everyone in the school together tomorrow! 

July 6, 2021


We begin summer classes today.

Make sure to check your email for the classes you will take this summer. 


Below is some important information about summer rising:

  • Dates: Summer Rising will be from July 6th to August 13th. Monday thru Friday. 

  • Attendance: Daily attendance is mandatory to receive credit for the course. 

    • Students who miss 4 days will be dropped from summer school and will not make up the credit.

  • Grades: Scholars will receive 2 daily grades, one for classwork and one for participation. PowerSchool is not available over the summer; to check your grades, ask your teacher.

  • Family Outreach: If you miss work and/or are absent from class, expect your teacher(s) to reach out to your family. If the matter is not resolved, deans or counselors will do an outreach to support your needs. 

  • Technology: If you need a laptop, charger, hotspot, or any technology needs, communicate this information to your teacher immediately to support you in resolving the matter.

  • Regents: If you pass a Regents course during summer school, you will automatically earn the Regents credit for it. 

If you're having any problems with your classes,  joining your teachers' zoom link, you can reach out to the deans and/or counselors. 


To get to Google Classroom, make sure you are logged into your school email and click on the following

You will see all of the classes in your schedule.

Click "Accept" for each of your classes in your goggle classroom dashboard.  In each of your classrooms, there will are information regarding your Zoom link.


We've launched our Summer Rising  Student Hub where you can find all the resources we highlight in the daily news on the hub. It's very important to bookmark/favorite the Summer Rising Student Hub for easy access.

  • It's essential to use your school email to log in to your Google Classrooms and Zoom sessions. Your Zoom session link information for each of your classes is located in Google Classrooms.    

  • It's essential that you keep your camera on at all times and that your teachers can identify and account for your attendance.

  • Any inappropriate behavior and language being used will be grounds to remove you from a zoom session. 



We look forward to seeing you in your classes on time; make sure to follow the bell schedule below. 

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