School Policies/ Procedures


Attendance & Lateness Policy

At CHSLSJ we work hard to bring your child a world-class education. To that end, academic progress requires full support from the parents. The first step in supporting your student’s academic success is to ensure that he or she is at school all day, every day. Promotional requirements are set at 95% attendance, and lateness is considered partial attendance.  Three (3) tardies are equivalent to one (1) absence.


Below is the attendance policy for CHSLSJ for the 2019-20  school year. At the discretion of the Executive Director, the Principal, ACS will be notified for excessive absences. Absences may result in your child being required to attend Summer Academy and Saturday Academy.



At CHSLSJ we encourage all students to be in school each school day. However, we are aware that there are circumstances where students must be absent. To ensure the safety of all students, the following procedures must be strictly adhered to. 

  1. A parent or guardian must call the school office before 8:45 am to report an absence, the reason for the absence, the student name/homeroom.

  2. Following the absence, a student is required to bring a note from a parent/guardian stating the reasons and the dates of the absence. The note should be presented to the Main Office before classes begin in the morning.


If a student is absent without a parent phone call or a note, the student will be considered unexcused, and consequences may be issued based on the discretion of the Executive Director, Principal and the Dean of Students. 

Long Term Absences

Long-term absences are only permitted for bereavement of immediate family and health-related concerns. If your child is absent for a week or more, please be certain to make arrangements with your child's classroom professor to pick up long-term assignments. 


Early Pick-Up

We strongly encourage that students aren’t removed from school early unless there is a documented acceptable excuse. If a student needs to leave early, they must follow these procedures:

  1. Students may have a parent pick them up or must have a signed note from a parent that has the date, time, and reason for a student's early dismissal. This note must be presented to the Main Office before leaving school grounds. Students will not be allowed to leave the building without a note and/or a parent escort unless the Principal or their designee approves. 

Late to School (Tardy)

At CHSLSJ we see punctuality as essential to our values and goals. To that end, we strive to limit the number and frequency of tardiness to school from students. The following policies have been implemented for students who are late for school.

  • Students who are late to school will receive a wake-up call the next morning at 6:00 am on the parent/guardian’s listed phone number.

  • Students who are tardy two times in a week will earn detention after the second tardy and another detention for each subsequent lateness during the week. Additionally, a parent meeting may be required.

  • If there is a valid excuse due to mass public transportation delays or a weather event the school may excuse that tardiness on a particular at the discretion of the principal/head of school.  

Acceptable Excuses (for Absences, Late Arrivals & Early Pick-Ups)

  • Illness (note from a doctor if over three days)

  • Religious Observance 

  • Medical Appointment (that is not possible to schedule outside of school hours)

  • Extreme Family Emergency

  • Death in the Immediate Family

  • Emergency approved by the Principal or Principal’s Designee

Scholar Schedule

8:15 AM - DOORS OPEN/ARRIVAL - Students will not have access to the building prior to 8:15 AM. Students should enter and exit from the main entrance of the building only and report to the cafeteria for breakfast.

8:50 AM - ON-TIME - Students are considered on time if they are in the building by 8:50 AM. Attendance will be taken at this time in the students' homeroom.

8:51 AM - LATE ARRIVAL - Students are tardy if they arrive after 8:51 AM. Students will be issued a tardy pass, only students with a tardy pass will be admitted into class. 

3:56 PM - DISMISSAL - Students will leave through the main exit.


Any parent/guardian wishing to formally grieve/complain about a procedure, action, or directive from CHSLSJ Administration, or a Faculty (Teacher/Teacher Associate) or Staff (Non Teacher) should follow the CHSLSJ Grievance Procedure described here.

Complaint Policy

Staff members who have a question or complaint or are bothered by a job-related situation should speak with their immediate supervisor.  This is the best way to seek resolution of problems and is a matter of professional courtesy. Should the concern not be satisfactorily addressed or be one that the staff member would rather not discuss with the immediate supervisor, the staff member should contact the Principal.


Any employee wishing to formally complain about a procedure, action or directive of another employee should notify the Principal in writing as soon as possible after such procedure, action or directive has occurred. The Principal or his or her designee shall be the investigator and arbitrator of such grievances except where the Principal is a subject of the grievance, where the grievance should be directed to the Executive Director, Mr. Richard Burke who can be reached at


Parents or others who have an informal complaint may also bring it to the Executive Director, orally or in writing. Those wishing to make a formal complaint should follow the process for employees laid out in the previous paragraph.


For any grievances alleging a violation of law or of the school’s charter, an employee may appeal the decision of the Executive Director, his or her designee or the Board Chair to the school’s authorizer, State Education Department (SED).  If the complainant is not satisfied with the determination of the authorizer, the matter can be appealed to the New York State Board of Regents, whose ruling shall be final.


We are encouraging our scholars to bring in healthful snacks to school. They will be allowed to consume the healthful snacks during a designated time in the school day. For official NYC school food guidelines, please check the official daily school food menus here.

What is a healthful snack?

  • A light portion of food that provides good nutrition and a high level of energy. Healthful foods are high in vitamins and fiber and low in saturated fat, added sugars, and sodium (salt).


What are empty calories?

  • Empty calories or food that provides no nutritional value. Foods like soda, candy, and chips do more harm to the body than good.


How should I package my snack?

  • All snacks should be placed in a disposable package, like a zip-lock bag.


What is the purpose of a healthful snack?

  • A healthful snack provides scholars with a high level of energy and helps increase metabolism. It also helps scholars stay focused and alert throughout the day.


Where can I get a healthful snack?

  • You can find all of the prescribed healthful snacks and your neighborhood grocery store. Stores like C-Town, Western Beef, Pathmark, and BJ’s have these snacks available.


Are these snacks expensive?

  • Fruits and vegetables are a relatively cheap snack. Whole-grain crackers and low-fat yogurt are also inexpensive. Snacks are not a full meal, so they shouldn’t cost as much.


Can water be put into other beverage containers?

  • No other beverage cans/containers may be used. If water is put into an Arizona or Gatorade container they will be thrown out.

This is the Guideline for the snacks scholars can bring in. Scholars should not bring in fried foods of any kind, no sodas of any kind, juice of any kind, nuts of any kind, or chips of any kind. Scholars must bring snacks in a zip-lock bag or something that can be disposed of.