The Charter High SchoolFor Law And Social Justice

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Mission and Objectives

The Charter High School for Law and Social Justice will provide students from the Bronx with a comprehensive high school education and lay the academic and social groundwork for success in college and careers. Using a theme of law and social justice, the School will engage, inspire, and empower students, and will equip them with the academic skills to earn a Regents diploma and gain admission to the college of their choice prepared for success. The School will create a pathway for its students to law school and careers as attorneys. The pathway will include mentoring opportunities with law students and attorneys and partnerships with institutions of higher learning. These institutions will offer college and law school experiences to our students and share with them the academic benchmarks and habits necessary to gain entrance to college and law school.
  • Improve student learning and achievement
  • Encourage the use of different and innovative teaching methods
  • Create new professional opportunities for teachers, administrators, and staff
  • Increase learning opportunities for all students
  • Provide parents and students with expanded choices in educational opportunities
  • Utilize a performance-based accountability system